Research Presentations:

‘From recorded sound to musical soundworld in popular music listening’, The 12th Art of Record Production Conference, Stockholm, Sweden, December 2017.

‘Empowerment and embodiment in rap music’, International Association for the Study of Popular Music Conference 2017, Kassel, Germany, June 2017.

‘Community empowerment in postmillennial metal music’, Memory and Perception, Rich Mix Cultural Foundation, London, November 2016.

‘Empowerment in postmillennial metal and rap’, ‘Move On Up’ symposium, Kingston University, September 2016.

Invited chair for ‘Metal & Hip-Hop’ panel, IASPM UK & Ireland Biennial Conference, The Clarendon Centre, Brighton, September 2016.

‘The rap persona as a model of empowerment in Little Simz’s ‘Bars Simzson”, The Power of Hip Hop: Exchange, Rich Mix Cultural Foundation, London, July 2016.

‘Empowering sounds in post-millennial rap and metal’, The Sound of Research, TECHNE, Croydon, June 2016.

‘Breakdowns in metal music as mass catharsis’, Metal and MusicologyUniversity of Hull, March 2016.

‘Storytelling personas in Kendrick Lamar’s ‘The Art of Peer Pressure”, BFE/RMA Research Students’ Conference 2016: Disciplines in Dialogue, Bangor University, January 2016.

‘Understanding space in recorded popular music’ exhibition, TECHNE (un)conference: Kinesis and Stasis, Barbican Centre, London, November 2015.

Invited participant at the International ‘Methods of Popular Music Analysis’ Summer School, University of Osnabrück, September 2015.

‘The rhythmic effects of stereo space in recorded popular music’, Second Westminster-Goldsmiths Symposium for Student Research in Popular Music, University of Westminster, June 2015.


Undergraduate & Postgraduate work:

‘Understanding space in recorded popular music’ (2015)

‘Storytelling in early 2010s rap’ (2015)

‘Metal Elements: aesthetics, form, and metre in music of the ‘djent’ scene’ (2014)

‘Contemporary folk practice: influence, variation, and illustration in three versions of the ballad ‘Lord Bateman” (2014)


Please don’t hesitate to ask if you’d like to be sent a copy of any of these pieces.